Unable to use Adobe acrobat 7 standard to print in a PowerBuilder application

Hi guys!

I have the following problem:

I have an application in PowerBuilder V.8.  When I'm trying to print with Adobe Acrobat 7 Standard Edition, I'm always getting an error message that the application must be closed...

ad2kreg.dll is causing the problem.

Any idea how to fix the problem?

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I was also faced some what similar problem before. and reinstalling the acrobat solved the problem(uninstall then install not repair).

So first uninstall the acrobat then install it again.

also try to update pb 8 with the latest build. build 10923 is available now in sybase site. most of the pb related problems will solve by this way.

I've had a similar problem, as well.  I found re-installing Acrobat to be the answer - making sure to do a custom install w/ all pdf print settings selected.  Best wishes.

as per the above posts did u try installin the latest PB8 patch and/or re-installing Acrobat????

did it help... ???

what makes u say that 'ad2kreg.dll is causing the problem.'... please elaborate....

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