I try to create a VPN connection and get a Dial-Up connection instead

In my laptop with Windows XP Pro, connected to a cable modem, I try to create a VPN connection following the standard steps, but instead is creates a kind of dial-up connection.

The steps I'm following are:

- I enter the New Connection Wizard, choose Connect at my Worklplace, VPN, enter name
- First problem: that New Connection Wizard ask me the "Public Network", and I choose "Do not dial"
- Then enter the IP and finish.
- Worst part: when the login window appears, it has the username and password, then the "Save this username ..." section, then it shows a third section that should not be there asking me for the telephone number to dial.
- In that login window, when I press "Properties", the tab "Networking" shows "Type of Dial-Up" (PPP, SLIP) instead of "Type of VPN"

I tested that connected to my home router, then directly connected to the cable modem, also without any active connection, and is allways the same.

What should I do now?
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ToddSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the properties of Internet Explorer>connection tab, do you have 'never dial a connection' selected?
angelfeijooAuthor Commented:
I have SP2.
angelfeijooAuthor Commented:
Yes ToddS, it's "Never dial a connection"
angelfeijooAuthor Commented:

Just in case anyone wants to know: the reason for this to happen is that in my PC the WAN Miniport protocols (not sure if those are protocols, or services, etc) were disabled. Those include the PPTP, L2TP and two others. Why were those disabled? I disabled those last year because my computer was not able to run web services, and I followed some instructions from an article on how to deal with that, part of which was disabling those protocols. Never had a problem without them until now.

So, next steps were:
- Go to Device Manager, Network Adapters. It will show all the disabled adapters like PPTP, etc. I enabled all of them. Is interesting that after you enable those, they just disappear from the list. If you want to see them again. you need to reboot in safe mode.

That was it! Now the VPN creation works.

As I'm answering myself, I think I will double the points ...
angelfeijooAuthor Commented:
Giving points to ToddS for his quick attempt to help.
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