vb.net console application

Why would anyone want to make a console application???
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DabasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi bman9111:
1) Less overhead
2) Runs quicker (because of 1)
3) You might not need a windows or web form to test what you want. (For example, send or receive data through a serial port)
4) You can still display information through the console

The biggest advantage of a console app is that it (in experienced hands) is quicker than uisng a graphical interface.  This is because a) all of your commands are in one place, and b) commands can take switches.

Lets use a common example.  If you want to search for all the text (*.txt) files on your "c:\" drive, you'd have to navigate to windows explorer, hit search, hit all files and directories, type "c:" and then press search.

In the console all you type is dir c:\*.txt

As you can imagine, a console app is excellent for utilities.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Your console app may be a "utility" that is intended to be called from other apps thru a "Shell()" type call.

Such as:
(1) converting files from one format to another so they can be imported or exported to a not so flexible program.
(2) uncompressing files from a "zip" type package
(3) satisfying the ridiculous homework assignments of university professors
(4) etc...

In the Windows world, we tend to put common utility like functions into either DLLs or COM packages instead of console apps.  In the unix world, however, they are often put into seperate executables that can be chained together...the output of one app is "piped" into the input of the next app.

Console applications are good for using in batch files.
Console application is kind of "atomic" component which can be used by high-level GUI applications. For example, VB .NET compiler and linker are console applications. VS IDE runs them showing their results in the Output window. They may be launched also from the command prompt or as part of batch file - this is good for batch project build.
Personally, I like to use it for trying stuff I don't know :)...
For example, when you want to learn how to work with Remoting, it's a lot easier to work with two console applications (one for the client and one for the server) than to start working with GUI...
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