having problem with win98 on ASUS K8N-E Deluxe Motherboard

hi all,
i just bought a new motherboard ASUS K8N-E Deluxe and AMD 2800+ Processor
and i just installed Windows 98 on my PC.
now it gives some problem when i dial my internet connection system gets hang up
i have creative modem blaster v.90 internal modem in my pc.
and when i installed chipset drivers on my pc and usb 2.0 drivers then i was having problems with usb
and when i uninstalled chipset drivers then usb was working very slowly.
and 1 time my windows 98 got corrupted.
so please tell me if anyone have solution of this problem.
like bios setting, drivers, softwares updates, or something which can solve this problem then please letme know.
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I am not familiar with your hardware, but have been using Windows 98 for a few years.  It is notoriusly clunky and tends to fall over its own feet.  I suspect that different parts of the system try to access the same DLL file at the same time, so that there is a standoff.

A restart will usually clear the block, but it often leaves a disk space problem as a departing guest.  To get around that I added a call to the Disk Doctor feature of Norton Utilities to the AUTOEXEC file.

You have your system loaded with lots of accessories that chew up time.  You might want to use MSCONFIG to eliminate programs from startup that aren't needed at startup.

Also, the newer anti-virus and other anti-anything programs really hog system resources.  I found that the only way to run Windows 98 was to forego the luxury of having an anti-virus program going all the time.  Yes, that makes me more vulnerable, but I do run it offline from time to time.
I forgot to mention that the reason I have difficulty with the cycle-hogging anti-virus program is that my machine is older and relatively slow by today's standards.

I sort of assume that your hardware is slow, else why would you want to settle for Windows 98 ?

If your hardware is high speed, then it wouldn't hurt to take a second look at the drivers.
Been digging..

Here was a grounding issue between heatsinks on the underside of the board and the case.

Still digging..
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Win 98 is probably not the best OS to run in with these new boards. A better solution wud be to jump OS now and run in for Win XP. Its more stable and compatible with ur board etc. The drivers are more rugged and in line with the OS and hardware.

USB 2 has issues with WIn98 and though there are patches to resolve these errors but they wont still solve it entirely.

You have a nice board and a sounds like it wud be built as a good system. I reccomend that you get urself upgraded to WinXP else you will be fighting one problem or the other with Win98. Also make sure that RAID is disabled from the BIOS in case ur board supports it.

first, did you have any problems installing win98? and is it win98 SE or FE?
>> and when i installed chipset drivers on my pc and usb 2.0 drivers then i was having problems with usb
and when i uninstalled chipset drivers then usb was working very slowly.  <<---  probably you did not install usb 2.0 drivers; you can check this in device manager, under usb entries if you find the word "enhanced" or usb 2.0; if not, it is usb 1
jamesafeAuthor Commented:
i have not got any problem with my win98se installation
but when after installing all of my drivers then my usb was not working fine
yes i have installed usb 2.0 but it was still giving away problem.
and when i uninstalled it then my usb devices get very slower than before.
is it usb 1.0 or 2.0? did you check what i asked?
jamesafeAuthor Commented:
yes i have checked it and it is usb 2.0
and it is listed correct, without exclamation mark or red cross?
jamesafeAuthor Commented:
yes it is installed correctly without any exclamation mark or red cross
you can test the speed by transferring a 1 Mb file; look here for info :

Win98 has too many issues dealing with USB especially USB 2.0 so even if the drivers apparently seem fine the working of the devices is suspect. Even Win Xp has its fair share of USB problems. However the best way to resolve this problem is to jump for Win XP else fixing one problem is gonna lead to another. The newwer boards support advanced features meant for Win Xp and advanced OS to take advantage of. Win98 was fine till the 810 or 815 series that too with some problems but these boards and with USB 2.0 SATA support, RAID support etc are simply not Win98's cup of tea.

I would reccomend that points be awarded for the question and PAQ. The problem area is Win98 with these newwer boards. Knowing Microsofts compatibility issues. This is another point where MS products wont work well with USB products. A solution has been offered to upgrade OS which will enable us to help further iof the problem persists.

PAQed with no points refunded (of 500)

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