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Hi everyone!
we have accountancy program but we don t have source code.Last week our manager was changed but his name is still in reports.I couldn t change his name .i can save reports and view with repview but how can i make corrections on reports
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Use hex editor, search in your exe file for old manager name and replace it with new one.

here you can download freeware hex editor

If you don't have the source you should be able to change the report.  I don't use QReport myself cause its junk.  I do however use Crystal Reports and Fast Report..

The report details are generally held in a text file with an extension of .rpt (you Qreport guys can help on this).  Open the file with notepad and search for your old Managers name.  Replace it exactly with your new manager's name and it should work.  Backup your old file first.

Hi there...

Well, with quickreports... it tends to be hard-coded in to the software... depending on the programmers style.  Some of the code may be used to initialize the report or something so you never know.  Unfortunately, you will need the source code.

The hex-editor thingie was mentioned and that might work... delphi strings also have a specific length too in some instances so you may have to replace the name with the same # of characters to make it look correct... otherwise it might come out funny.

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