Unable to see anything when windows sheduled task running

I have created a task using task scheduler, windows run that welll and produces the output, but while running I am not able to see anything, in the foreground. Everything running in the background.

1.I have created this using NetScheduleJob.
2. haven't specified any username and password.

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You have to do that, otherwise it won't work.
See if can activate the option interact with the os.
The reason for you not seeing anything is because the job is assigned with a user wich is not the one who is logged on, and so the job cann't interact with the logged user, only XP permits that.
To fix that issue just go to the schedule tasks and change the username and password to run the task.
str_kaniAuthor Commented:
but, the task completed successfully,

FYI, I am running on XP,

I am scheduling the jobs using VB, dynamically.  Can I specify a username and passsword while I create the job? Some of the users going to be running on Windows 2000,
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str_kaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments, I installed the same application in Windows 2000 and scheduled the job using my program, it'w working fine, only issue I am having, I am not able to see the window while it do all the processing...

to clear the situation mode:

I run a windows application created using VB at a scheduled time. For doing a backup operation.
The application run at the scheduled time and produces the output, but While it's running I see the status of the job as running for the scheduled job, and the process list in the task scheduler show the process also. once it completed the process, it quit itself, that's how the program coded.

I would like to see the window while it's running,

The points I noted..
The job created by says... SYSTEM not administrator or some othrer user.
If I schedule a job using the add job short cut it says created by "Administrator" and shows WINDOW!!

it's not showing only when the job is scheduled dynamically.... I think.
Is there any way I can specify the username and password ?

str_kaniAuthor Commented:
So why don't you search in vb to change that.
str_kaniAuthor Commented:
OK. I will look that way,

Thanks for your help SOFTECNICOS
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