SBS server 2000 - intermittent failure of downloading mail from mail server

We have a SBS server 2000 which is configured to retrieve mail from a mail server every 15 minutes.  It was doing so until we installed a CISCO 857 ADSL router.

The following error messages are displayed in the event log at the scheduled frequency.

Event ID 12050
Source: POP3Connector
"POP3: Failed to check the POP3 account for <mailbox> at host on port 110. The error is 10060"

Event ID 12058
Source: POP3Connector
"POP3: There was an error processing the RETR command. The Error is 10060"

Microsoft acknowledged the problem in the KB article;en-us;326523

This article suggested loading SBS sp1.  I did this still no change in the situation.

Please help
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Is the router blocking port 110? Sounds like something basic like that.

kkrishna021799Author Commented:
I was assured by the vendor no port was blocked.  He came around to our office last evening, spent over an hour trying to fix, could not fix it.

He took it back to his workshop, promissing to reload the software, fix it and bring it back.

Will have to wait till then.

Thanks and regards

Krishna Murthi
kkrishna021799Author Commented:
Vendor traced the problem to 1500 bit limitation while downloading headers.  They adjusted the header bit and it is working fine now.

Thanks for all the comments
the MTU setting? That's a pretty common issue with ADSL...

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