what is OOAD (SAP) The Stable Abstraction Principle?

what is OOAD (SAP) The Stable Abstraction Principle?
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
I'm a bit confused-- it's unlikely a teacher would give you these questions unless they also supplied a link to the source of these concepts.  

If you want to know something a bit broader than just the plain text of these concepts, and how they apply in the real world, here's my opinion:

They're nice little platittudes, well worth reading.  Nice to argue over with your other CD students over a few beers.

But if you ever get out into the real world, there isnt ONE boss out of TEN that gives a hoot about any of this stuff.  

They want a program that does X, Y, and Z, written in version Q.W of old language T. And you have to start with 28,000 lines of existing code that wasnt written to any standards like the ones you've studied.  That's ALL he cares about, and he wants it yesterday.  No time for careful walk-throughs, or doodling with three different abstract models, or spending weeks juggling interfaces.  

And not only does it have to be done quickly, it has to meet some critical real-time constraints, otherwise the chemical plant is going to spew Dioxin all over Tuscaloosa.   So any layer of abstraction you adds is goingto be costly if not hazardous to life.

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