Compare Socket (775 vs. LGA 775) and graphics (Radeon) in HP PC

I will be buying a desktop media center PC. I am trying to decide between the HP m7070n and the m1280n. The 1280 was introduced 2/9/05 and replaced by the 7070 on 3/28/05. The differences are that the 1280 has a socket 775, an ATI Radeon X600 Pro with 256 DDR Memory, PCI-E interface, and DVI I/O port. It also has 300 GB hard drive. The newer 7070 has socket LGA775, ATI Radeon X300SE with 128MB DDR Memory, and Composite I/O port instead of the DVI. No PCI-E interface is listed.  The 7070 has 250 GB hard drive.
I plan on using it to record TV shows and some transfer of tapes to DVDs and pictures.

I'm wonder why they replaced the 1280 within six weeks and should I go with the newer model. Does the differences in the hard drive, socket and Radeon really matter?


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wlennonConnect With a Mentor VP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
Hello Joy, the Intel 775 is the pin count on the Processor, also known as a Socket T Processor, what would be more important would be the number after 775 (775 and LGA 775 are the same form factor).  

The number that comes after that is the speed of the Processor in the PC.  Such as with the

HP N7070N has:

Intel Processor P-4 Socket T 775 630 at 3.2mHz
Video Card: ATI RADEON X300 SE PCI Express graphics card with 128MB of DDR Memory & TV Out

The HP M1280N has:

Intel Processsor P-4 Socket T 775  640 3.2mHz
Video Card: PCI Express x16 - plug-in card 256MB DDR Memory & Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

They both have SATA Hard Drives, SATA are faster drives than the older more common IEDE but both will accept them anyway.

So my choice of the two would be the HP M1280N for a bit more speed, more Memory on the Video Card, and the slightly bigger Hard Drive at 300GB vs 250GB.
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
You might want to check out Dells 8400 Series, on thier site you can customize your system completely to what you want.

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