Lost IP Address for a Tranzeo TR-6015 Access Point for the web based configuration utility

I did something wrong apparently while setting up my Tranzeo TR-6015 Access Point while using the web based configutation utility. I selected by accident to set the unit up as a router instead of a bridge and when I applied the changes the web configurator said that I was being redirected to ip The web based configuration utility was residing at ip but is nowhere to be found now. I tried to access the utility by searching for it manually at,, but to no avail. I can't find the utility and there is no way to reset the unit without accessing the web based configuration utility. The unit does not have a reset button on it and the unit has only one LAN port for a connection. How can I find this units IP address again so I can access the web based configuration utility?? This unit is the focal unit for my WiFi service here at my RV Park.
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Fatal_ExceptionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To reset this to its defaults, I see there is a Restore Defaults button to press on the Administrative Screen.  It appears that the Web Access should be  Regardless, anytime you setup a device as a router, and the device allows for web access, the access address should be the Default Gateway of your LAN..  So, let me ask this:  Can you still access the internet through this device?  And if so, you must be specifying a Default Gateway in your Computer Configuration, which should be the address of the Device.  Use ipconfig /all on your computer to see what that address is, and try that for accessing the Tranzeo.

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Tranzeo has no physical "factory default reset" option. To reset a Tranzeo you must log into it...which means you're in trouble if the web interface is inaccessible. However, there is hope! Usually the web interface is accessible becuase the management IP is lost, forgotten, mistyped...etc. Fortunately for all of us disorganized, forgetful and fat-fingered (raises own hand) sysadmins out there Tranzeo has a nifty little app that will locate a 6xxx (and other models) on your attached LAN.

Get it here:


Unzip, run the "locator" and it will display the local Tranzeo devices, their Mac's and their IP addresses. Additionally, you can force an IP change into any of those Tranzeo's via this same tool.

Finally, if you accidentally set a 6xxx to router mode serving DHCP with NAT...then the management IP of the unit may become inaccessible and you must connect to it via the NAT gateway IP of

Happy Recoveries!

Thanks axiom!  that will come in mighty handy!
We had to remove the board and connect a serial terminal (115,200) to the 9 pin D.  It's running Linux, so you can just examine, modify as needed.
i have the same proble, but upon opening the tranzeo, i did not find any connectors for a serial terminal, i do see unused connector solder points on the board, do i have to add the connector to it myself, if so where can i find the pin outs
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