Problem Accessing Admin Console

I have a home network using a Netgear WGT624 v2 router.  The connection works fine (using it as we speak), but for some reason, WEP encryption got disabled.  Now, I cannot access the router's admin console when I try to get to it via browser to re-enable encryption.

IPCONFIG returns the following info:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

I would think that would be the router's IP, but it doesn't work.  I've also tried just about every internal IP in the book.  

It should be noted that I had to modify the settings of the router to work with SBC Yahoo's PPTP DSL, which, if I remember right, moved the assignment of the external IP from the router to the modem.  But it may be the other way around.

I definitely don't want to reset the router, as it took me several hours of pain to get it working with SBC's crappy PPTP service.  Can anyone help with this?
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EricConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Yea that sucks.. Factory restore may be you only option.  so no logon window or anythying... just sits there...
something got corupted or a filter is forwarding your packets or something.

Good luck
The Should be your router.  If your computer's default gateway wasnt set to the router internet wouldnt work.

Try Rebooting the Router.  If that doesnt work, and going to the website and typing I dont know of any other way of Accessing it besides re-setting the router
EricIT ManagerCommented:
Did you by any chance block traffic somehow to it via a firewall filter?
how do u know wep is disabled?  do your wireless devices work w/ no wep enabled?
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joezizzoAuthor Commented:
wep was always enabled.  However, recently, it somehow disabled itself, and is not wide open.  That was the reason I was trying to get to the admin in the first place.  

I'm thinking i simply need to reset the thing and start all over (wish i took notes on all the crap I had to do to that damn thing, or saved a config file).  Oh well.  If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
EricIT ManagerCommented:
you mean it is wide open?  if wep is disabled you no longer have any wireless encryption, but should still be able to connect, is this teh case?
joezizzoAuthor Commented:
Yep.  That's the case.  I don't know how it was disabled, but it was.  That's why its important i access the admin console: to turn it back on.

I've never heard of this before-- A fine working internet connection with a router that doesn't let you into its admin.
joezizzoAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I guess you're right.
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