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Solution to email getting stuck in outbox

I am having the same problem as the person below.  "balboda" suggested a solution below (which PeterH05 found useful, but when I go to:

tools->options>mail setup>send/receive>edit group>folder options

I only see "personal folders-Inbox" I cannot see an "outbox" nor a way of selecting it or deselecting it.

Am I looking in the wrong place? I am using Outlook 2003 on XP with service pack 2.



Solution Title: outlook 2003 not sending emails
asked by angelIII on 10/27/2003 05:17AM PST  
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  I used outlook 2000, with which i could send & recieve my emails (via our company exchange server)
  I upgraded to outlook 2003 (in fact the whole office...), and I fail to SEND emails. I still receive them, but when I send my emails they stay in the Outbox folder.
  Just for fun, I go to another computer, open outlook 2000, open outbox, open the email, click SEND -> the email is sent!!!

  Any ideas?

Best Regards

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Comment from balboda
Date: 04/04/2005 10:22AM PDT

I had this same problem, I solved it by going to the send recieve option under tools->options then editing the send recieve group to not include the outbox in the send recieve process. then i logged out of outlook, logged back in and reset the outbox to be part of the send receive process, problem solved
Comment from PeterH05
Date: 04/12/2005 02:21PM PDT

I had the same problem with Outlook 2003 running on a Windows XP Laptop.  What I've noticed is that any newly created email gets stuck in the outbox, but any emails that are being replied to gets sent, which strikes me as unusual.  Does this help/have any bearing to finding a solution to this debate?
I've yet to try Balboda's solution and will notify if it works.
Comment from PeterH05
Date: 04/18/2005 04:46PM PDT

I can confirm that Balboda's solution worked.  We've had no problems since.

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1 Solution
   If you are working with a POP3 account in Outlook 2003 you will not see the option for the selecting the "Outbox" folder (you should see it if you are using Exchanges Server).
    Try unselecting the option that says "Send Mail Items", then close and re-start Outlook, turn back on the "Send Mail Items" and agan restart Outlook and see if it makes a difference...
maybe you need to check the "My outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication"
in the outgoing server tab of the Internet Email-options dialog
reachable via the "More settings..." button in the Email accounts Dialog
reachable via the Mail Setup tab of the tools-options dialog.


also make sure your username is right (some servers like you the have the domain as part of the user name).
ThanX for the points! I hope it was a help...
God bless!

let me add my two cents to this.  we have a network that is seperated by a vpn connection and 2 seperate domains on both sides of it.  Exchange 5.5 on domainA and clients on domainB.  They would get emails could not be sent out of the outbox.  The trick here is to go to the services and on the delivery tab. make the exchange transport be 1st exchange remote transport be 2nd and if you have a pop3  (internet email) account in there, make that 3rd.  anything after that test.  Reboot your computer and your good to go.  Here is our network makeup:  NT4 Server with Exch5.5 , clients running Win9x with outlook98, win2k in TS mode.  also you would want to put in hosts file that points to the DC (in case its the NT4) #pre #domain:domain.  

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