how to share an inbox so as to monitor email status

I have 5 people in our office all dealing with emails.
they all have there own email address w outlook express
at present 1 person receives all mail then forwards them to whomever needs to
deal with it. small office with server and network switch and dialup.
I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to share an inbox
the client mail software would be able to tag who is dealing with an
also the manager should be able to check the status of maybe how many
unanswered there are.

Is this possible? what client would i need?
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francrlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well if the email has been read by another user, it will show as read for all, but you are right you could run into that problem, especially if the users all read it at the same time. You could create folders for each of the people in the mailbox, and have an SOP that the person handling the email first moves it to their folder.
francrlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you running an email server? If so what is it? If not an alternative would be to configure Outlook express as an IMAP client intead of POP. Then make sure each user knows the login and password for the email. IMAP leaves the messages on the server so that they don't get downloaded to the local machine whenever a person checks the mail.
hansolAuthor Commented:
how would the other users know if one user is working on an email using imap?
would The email not be available to all and risk multiple replies.
BILJAXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do mailbox delegation.

hansolAuthor Commented:
ok i am still  looking for the core question

how to know who answered the email?
it just says READ or something like that. not much of a tag.

or who read the email? john or jannet

the manager must be able to identify who is dealing with the email.

Is this some kind of mail client?

I saw a email system a manager was monitoring stats on users
differnt colors for each user answering an email. And messages like
Jannet Reading
Dave read
john answered
Emails in red were overdue.
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