resource fork of file...

How can I view/change/modify the resource fork of a file.
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There are a number of tools that can modify the resource fork.

The original ResEdit from Apple (Classic only)

Resourcerer from Mathemaesthetics:

ResFool from The La Jolla Underground:
venkateshwarrAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the links.. I will keep this question open for a couple of days...
for any other answers.

Hi venkateshwarr,

Here are some links to a few others.

the free HexEdit, which was mentioned in the MacWorld magazines January 2005 Edition on page 88.

These are two links that I found as well.

you can get to others off of the first link, and you can get others from there including ResFool that clausbroch mentioned.  They all appear to be free.  I can not say anything about any of them, except the HexEdit.  However, to use them make sure you know what you are doing as they can cause programs to cease working if edited incorrectly.

Steven Stuart
What kind of changes are you looking to make?  Are you wanting to make changes to a particular file or application?
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