Will not install Outlook Express 6 - says a newer version of IE already installed?

I have Outlook installed and running XP on a new computer, I am using for a business
email program, but I miss my old Outlook Express 6.0 and would like to install it
for personal email. I have tried the download but it will not install - it comes up with
the reason that "a newer version" of IE is already on the drive - I guess it is only
available bundled with IE? How can I install OE 6.0 without changing my current
browser? Can I have both a new Outlook and old OE on the same computer?
Can I download it seperately from the browser?
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KhurrmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
may b ur computer already has the outlook express software try to find [c:\Program Files\Outlook Express\MSIMN.EXE] or msimn.exe is the executeable file of outlook express find the file if u find then jst create the shourtcut otherwise u can use
another software like incredimail  www.incredimail.com or another soloution is try to reinstall the internet explorer 6.2 bcz outlook express is included in internet explorer
This is pretty common... and ugly.

MS has an article on how to do this at


AFAIK, if you have installed SP2, you are SOL.

(The piece you want is this: "Windows XP and Windows XP SP1: Edit the registry and install Internet Explorer 6")
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ChickenlilAuthor Commented:
OK, I have checked my IE version and it is SP2
So, if SOL means what I think it does, which
is not a reference to the *sun*, then you are
telling me that it won't work to even try the
repair? I don't want to screw things up any further.

What do you suggest then, if I can't use OE,
can I set up a second instance of Outlook (which I
don't really want) or can you suggest another
email client that looks like and works like OE?
I have Mozilla thunderbird, which I don't particularly
like, and similar to Outlook it keeps a sidebar that
takes up a lot of room and the Inbox is very small
with tiny print.

I also tried Eudora Pro and I hated it. It's brown,
for one thing....

Here's some more points for helping me find a solution.

AFAIK, there's no way to force OE to reinstall under SP2.  The registry key in the article is no longer honored once SP2 is installed.  Most of the usual recommended solutions are somewhere between dangerous and suicidal.

However, there are a lot of choices for small, email clients - what matters most to you?  A site like Tucows  lists dozens of "email clients" under Windows > Internet > E-mail clients (http://www.tucows.com/mail95_rating.html).

Check the screen shots and pick one you like...


ChickenlilAuthor Commented:
OKay, you made my day.
I found the file and installed OE6.0, it was right there
on my hard drive the whole time!

It seems to be working and I really appreciate it.
I learned something too - sometimes what you are
looking for is right under your nose...

Thanks to Burton too, I explored several other mail client
options which was useful as well.

You can split the points - 50 to Burton for getting
me on the trail and 250 to Khurrm for finding the
solution. If that works...

ChickenlilAuthor Commented:
So sorry I forgot to Accept the answer -
I did find OE6 and installed it, and now I have
both Outlook and Outlook Express on the same
computer, which is fine - keeps my business
separate from personal email.
thanks again,
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