HP OfficeJet 7310, with Adobe Acrobat 6.0

I am using a PSC HP OfficeJet 7310 (All in one).  Did install HP softwares.  The user is using Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to scan.  When using the feeder, HP scan all pages but Adobe take only the first.  Is there any reason???  Should he use another software than Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to scan multiple page into PDF ?
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Here's Adobe's general trouble-shooting steps for this problem, if you haven't tried these I suggest working your way through the list, then if it doesn't help, post back here. Be sure to start down at the bottom, where it has scanner brand-specific tips for HP scanners and see if that helps.


nobusbiljart fanCommented:
Most HP devices like that you use their software, so give it a try.
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