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I need some web sites that explain how to write a consultancy report, i.e. what makes a good one, what kind of market research is required how to go about collecting the research.

Thanks a lot,

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take a look here

well it is best to specify which market you are oriented this way you will find more specialized techniques for data collection and analysis for a report
liseperuAuthor Commented:
ok, that doesn't really say how to do it though. I am particularily interested in the IT sector and SMEs looking to develop new products and services
>>what makes a good one,
Good content.
Smooth looks
Pictures and graphs
and most important a managementsummary which actually says something.

>>what kind of market research is required how to go about collecting the research.
Google is the best place to start.
It will give you enough information about any subject for you to pass good judgement.
If not it will at least point you in the correct direction.

Market research realy depends on what you are consulting on.

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And without trying to be nasty....

If you wanna be consultant you'd need to get the proper education....
They have educations for consultant for a reason.

You'd learn how to write reports n stuff.

Other good idea is to work for a consultancy agency first and learn the tricks of the trade before you start for yourself.
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