add the date and time to site - host in different time zone

Hello...How do I add the date and time to my site.  Please note the server host is in PST and I am in EST so i need to add 3 hours if for date and time; or get time externally some where.  Platform = Win IIS and can run ASP and PHP.

As you may tell from the topic area (Front Page), I'm no web master.  Thanks!!! riley
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You can use JS - this would pull the time from the local computer of the user (you in the EST or me in the PDT)

This is in asp:

The local time is <%=Hour(Now()) +3 %>:<%=Minute(Now())%>:<%=Second(Now())%>

displays 24 hour time

Dim newHour, AMPM, localHour
localHour = Hour(Now()) + 3

If localHour > 12 Then
      newHour = localHour - 12
      AMPM = "PM"
Elseif localHour <= 12 Then
      newHour = localHour
      AMPM = "AM"
End if
The local time is <%= newHour %>:<%=Minute(Now())%>:<%=Second(Now())%> <%=AMPM%>

EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I think my reply deserves a share of the points - The provided link gives a full solution to the question. The solution is aimed at Frontpage users.
It is a month and a half after any comment here and is not a direct answer but a tutorial :)
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