Split Tunneling and Linksys

I'm a VPN client (xp pro) connecting to WinServer2003 PPTP from behind a WRT54GP2 (voip version). When my connection is established my internet connectivity is terminated. Some net-based programs still work - those that connect direct to the box running the VPN server but I need general browsing and email stuff.

Very new to networking configuration (thankx mainly to being banished to the 'dialup only' world for the last 8 years) but from what I gather there are at least a couple options for re-enabling public internet connectivity.

I've tried the chat support with linksys...MTU to 1400...port forwarded 1723, 500, 47. PPTP pass thru enabled. Then the conclusion:

[tech]: Basically, the reason why you are being disconnected with the internet connection is that the computer is getting a different IP Address segment when it is connected to the VPN. You may try contacting AT&T and ask if they do have a firmware update for the device.

Suggest i contact the VoIP vendor for firmware update??!! That doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence. (did i mention i was new to this network stuff?)

Can someone step-by-step me thru tunnel splitting?

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On you Microsoft PPTP dialer, networking properties, tcp/ip Advanced settings, un-check the box that says [] Use Default gateway on remote network.
dang nabbit moore... you beat me to it!

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