free download of "Design Patterns", by Erich Gamma et al

hi all ,
i am sure you people will know the link for free download of bookwhich is very important for me right now ,
 "Design Patterns", by Erich Gamma et al or amy good books (free download) for design patteren in java

and if you can give me free download links to these books too it will be great too

"UML Distilled ...", by Martin Fowler
"Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms", James O. Coplien
"Object-Oriented Software Engineering : A Use Case Driven Approach", Ivar Jacobsson

I am giving 500 points for one who will tell me about  "Design Patterns", by Erich Gamma et al or any good book for java design patterens,and i will be thankful to him from my heart
 first of all,as soon as possible
Thanks in advance,
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Those are copyright protected books, but you can look this page for some free info:
this site is very much like Gang of 4, book

DilrajSingh123Author Commented:
please tell me some books with these design patterns at online in java language with more explaination
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