How to remove SmartFinder (hijacker)?

I followed the instructions on this website for removing SmartFinder but they did not work because I did not have the specific items it said to delete.  I have tried SpyBot, Norton and others but nothing is getting rid of it - need more help. Thanks.
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blue_zeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you have been hit by the redirection to this is the only way to remove it at the moment:

Click "Start" -> "Run"
Type "regedit" and click OK.

In navigation tree go to


Then delete all keys at the right panel (just click on it and press Delete key)

Then go to


and delete all keys too.

Restart your PC in safe mode

run hijackthis and fix this entry if it exists,

O2 - BHO: OsbornTech Popup Blocker - {FF1BF4C7-4E08-4A28-A43F-9D60A9F7A880} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\mshelper.dll

and any

R0 & R1 entries relating to and the O13 entries as well

Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ folder.

Find file mtwirl32.dll and delete it. and then delete the C:\WINDOWS\System32\mshelper.dll

then reboot.


Download HijackThis from here, run it and Save the LOG file:

Then Post that log at this site >>
hit the Analyse button, scroll down to the bottom, hit the Save Analyse link, a new page will open, just post here the address of that link!
PS. If you have a WinXP based system, then you are supposed to disable system restore before cleaning the system, and when you run the removal tools, run them in safemode instead of normal mode! :)
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