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I have Lotus Notes 6.5. I am working on migrating all mailboxes to Exchange Server. I need to forward emails from paricular mailbox to External Email Address (i.e. new exchange email address where the Notes Mailbox would be migrated).
I can do the forwarding by changing MX record but that will be applicable to all mailboxes on the server. I need to do the forwarding on particular mailbox once the same mailbox is migrated to Exchange so that future emails will not be delivered to Notes Mailbox. Instead will get forwarded to Exchange mailbox..
Thanks for the help in advance..
Pramod Hole
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riprowanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your Messaging Configuration - Router - Restrictions - SMTP Outbound settings.  I suspect you are blocking messages from domains other than your Notes domain from reaching the Internet.

If this doesn't work, look in your mail.boxes on the mail router for dead mail, and see what errors are reported.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
You can set a forwarding address on each person individually by editing their person record in the address book.

Question: Is this a different DNS domain? For example is notes domain something like and exchange going to be

pramod_friendsAuthor Commented:
First of all thank you very much for responding. Below is the answer and additional info..

I these are two different DNS domains. To work on this case we can say Notes environment ID is and Exchange environment is

One more catch. As you suggested, I already had tried to set forwarding address on each individual mail box but with this only emails generated from Notes Environment. If I send email from my yahoo id to it doesnt reach there.

Best Regards
Pramod Hole
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Interesting, the forwarder should be for all mail. One other trick you can try is to set their mail system to "Other Internet Mail" and insert the forwarding address there. Maybe this will help.

Do the MX records for still point to the same domino servers or was it moved?
pramod_friendsAuthor Commented:
Yes, MX records  for are still point to the same dominto server. Once I migrate all mailboxes I will chang MX Records. Till then I can not change MX record.
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