URGENT! My brother sent me a text logo (plain times new roman) in a word document against a white background. This is to be used to make a T-shirt transfer.

Posted on 2005-05-01
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Last Modified: 2010-08-05
The attachment he sent me opened in MS WORD. The logo has each letter in a different color, plus a flower where the letter"o" would go.I used SnagIt to grab the logo and then opened it in photoshop cs and used the magic wand to drag the text and flower to a new transparent background. I wanted to change the "flat" lettering to gel text effect such as the tutorial at the following address: http://www.good-tutorials.com/track/152

There are so many steps in this tutorial, and the text only deals with one color. I wouldn't even know how to do it with each letter a different color. So I used the following tutorial: http://www.good-tutorials.com/track/1865

Problem is, when I'm working on the lettering effects, it's a good size. However, when I save and then re-open the file, I see a huge transparent background and teeny letters.  I can only view the logo by zooming in on it. Then I had to email it back to him, so I tried to open it in word ( I tried a bitmap and a jpeg format) and Word says it "can't open the document because either the file is damaged or it was sent to me as an email attachment. I finally had to open it up in SnagIt and save it as a jpeg file, but it is still teeny tiny.  I have so many problems with this I don't know which question I should be asking. Start with the size of the lettering and also is there a way to do these tutorials with each letter a different color? Would I have to use a separate layer for each color? Thanks for your trouble.
Question by:sheana11
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Accepted Solution

lherrou earned 800 total points
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I assume when you say t-shirt transfer, you are talking about basically an iron-on type transfer, and not screen-printing.
Rather than working with what your brother sent, why don't you start from the beginning in Photoshop. Start with a new blank image in the dimensions you want (the size it should be on the t-shirt). Follow the tutorial to do all of the letters except the O, and then take JUST the image of the flower and place that in the space you've reserved for it. Save it as a PSD file for yourself (in case you need to make other changes). If your brother needs it in a specific format, flatten the image and do SAVE AS to save it in that format. If you really really need to insert it into Word, flatten it and save it as a .TIF file, and then in Word, go to Insert -> Picture - From File and insert it into Word. Otherwise, just send it to your brother as a TIF file, and he can do whatever he needs to with it.

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Assisted Solution

jjafferr earned 200 total points
ID: 13905384
I think your initial problem is when using SnagIt, it gives a print screen,  so the size is what you can see on the screen, not the actual size,
what you should do:
Righ click on the image in Word, copy it, then in photoshop paste it on a transparent BG, this shoul give you the right size,
Now check the size, if it was OK for the T-Shirt printing, then you can continue with the rest of the stuff, otherwise:
Make a new image with the correct size, make a layer, paste the image, resize it to the correct size, then redo everything again on a seperate layer.

This way you are assured to have the correct size.

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Assisted Solution

Lobo042399 earned 500 total points
ID: 13906108
Hi Sheanna,

Here's the deal. Word is not an illustration program so your brother shouldn't have used for his creation. If the file was a JPG he could send you the JPG itself, no need to place it into Word. Using a eord processor for artwork generates a lot of problems, some of which you are experiencing now. The other problem is that, by doing a screen capture of the image, you're killing the resolution. The resulting file will not be suitable for printing unless it's done at a very small size.

What I would do is use the image your brother sent you as a template and start drawing in Illustrator or CorelDraw. After you have the shape done you can export the Image to Photoshop PSD format at a good resolution (300ppi at print size is a good start; if you can do it higher it would be better) and apply your 3D effects there.

Regarding the gel effects. Yes. Since you're using Color Overlays you'll need a separate Layer for each colour you're gonna use.

One more thing. If you're sending the file out for the transfer to be produced, save it as a JPG in Photoshop BUT.... use the maximum quality possible (12 in the quality slider) to avoid degradation by JPG compression.

Good Vibes!

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Assisted Solution

Binylkumar earned 500 total points
ID: 13907799
Hi Sheanna,

I. Size of the Lettering,
   May this problem is due to resolution...For example..

1. Open a New PSD File with resolution 300px
2. Type some text in that file with font size 10 pt...

Now Create another New PSD File with resolution 72px
1. Type some text in that file with font size 10 pt....

You can see the difference...between the 2 files on seeing the font size...So please check the at what resolution you have created the text.......

II. Regarding the color of the letter (ie..different color to each letter)..you need to do it different layers and steps to create are as follows...

1. Open a new PSD file with 300px..
2. Type Text - for example FLOWER
Now you apply gel effect according to your tutorial..
3. You have apply gel efffect to the entire word (FLOWER) with single color right...
4. Now duplicate the layer...and Apply gel effect to that duplicated layer with next color shade...
5. In the same way duplicate the layer for the remaining text of the word FLOWER and apply gel effect with different Color shade...(you are duplicating the layer for 6 times to form the word FLOWER)
6. So you have duplicated the FlOWER layer with 6 times with different color shades....
7. Goto the Bottom First Text Layer and Right Click to choose rasterize the layer...
8. Keep the first letter of the word FLOWER( ie..keep "F" ) and Erase the remaining letters....
9. Goto the second layer and again rasterize the layer.....
10. Now keep the second letter of the word FLOWER( ie..keep" L" ) and Erase first letter 'F' and the remaining letters...
11. Like that do for every thing...

Now you can see FLOWER will have different colors in different layers....

you can also merge the layers to make single layer....


Author Comment

ID: 13912820
Lherrou, thanks for your clear explanation..among other things, I didn't realize that I needed to flatten the image.

Jjafferr, thank you for pointing out the issue with SnagIt and the work-around.

Author Comment

ID: 13912870
All of you have given such great perspectives on solving the issue, as well as helping me to understand what's going on when I work with different file types, that I feel it is only fair to split the points between you.
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Expert Comment

ID: 13912943

Thanks for the points and the "A". And the "Points Split" option is provided for just that reason, often more than one expert contributes to a solution, or to help you understand the issues involved.

Cheers, and good luck with the t-shirt!
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Expert Comment

ID: 13913230
Thanks Sheanna. Glad to be of help. Please don't hesitate to ask for any additional clarifications on the issue.

Good Vibes!


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