I need a video capture card that will simultaniously stream 5-8 cameras to another computer over a network. I need something that will be able to give me real time or very close.
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pablouruguayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok. first. you can buy a IEEE with 3 outputs like ZONET. are very useful.
and you can connect many cameras with a analog or digital Switch.

i use CANNON cameras (Digitals) and a Sony standart Digital too. but i have 1 camera analogical and use a Canopus TrasCoder to convert to digital before the IEEE.

Becareful with the processor you need to work fine a 2Ghz or higger !!!

i use a IBM t40 2.6Ghz 1Gb ram and the performance are excelent
rpmcdonaldAuthor Commented:
I have the program I will use I'm just not sure on the card/cards or if I should use usb/serial?
in terms of data transfer rate, i suggest usb as serial is slower.

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might be you need ieee1394 interface board
i have a IEEE1394 connected to my laptop, making webcasting with 3 digital cameras  and work very well.! i use realServer to do that.

my IEEE1394 is a ZONET un 2300
rpmcdonaldAuthor Commented:
so logicaly i can run 2 cards and have 6 cameras correct?
rpmcdonaldAuthor Commented:
I know this might me a little more than im aloud but what kind of cameras should I use...?
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