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Remove sections from string

I have a PHP script which loads a HTML document into a string (called $file). I also have a string named $filter. When the script is run, I would like it to go through $file and edit it appropriatly. Bacically, the html document contains a table with several rows. The script should go to the first <tr> tag and check for $filter between <tr> and the </tr> tag. If $filter is NOT found, then everything between the <tr> and the </tr> should be removed from the string. The script then goes to the next <tr> and does the same. It does this continually until no <tr> tags remain. It should then echo $file.
1 Solution
Here's some untested code, you may have to tweak a value or so, but give it a try
Note: use of !== to check for type and value being false, don't change this

$answer=substr($file,0,$x); // everything up to first row of table
while ($x!==false) // is there still another row?
  $this_row=substr($file,0,$x+5); // get this row
  $file=substr($file,$x+5); // chop off this row
  if (strpos($this_row,$filter)!==false)
$answer.=$file; // remainder of the file

echo $answer;
pyromattAuthor Commented:
Its Perfect! Thanks!
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