Search box not filtering by session variable

I hav  a search box in a form which is working, except it is not filtering by a search variable.  I am pretty confident the sql is correct.  I do have session_start() at the top of the page and the session vars are definitely working on that page.

I use LIKE to filter the records (which is working) and I also have a WHERE it is equal to a session variable.  I am used to filter records by sessions vars as I do this a lot.

When I press ENTER key I was hoping it would just give everything equal to the session var, but it returns all records in the table.

I would be really happy to get a solution to this.

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show us your query statement.
debbieau1Author Commented:
It seems it just my query.

Thanks anyway.
Did my comment helped !?
If not, please tell me - I'll PAQ the question and refund the points.
debbieau1Author Commented:
Yes it did thanks.  I thought it wasn't the query but after your comments, I tried a more simple query and it  did work (using sessions vars).    I wasn't sure if there was some problem using session vars with forms.

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