LCD Lights on Dell 8100 indicate memory not recognized....was trying to upgrade memory.


this is a tough one for all you folks.  I had a perfect working system this morning.
Dell 8100 with powerleap 2.8GHz cpu upgrade with 768 Ram (2*128M + 2*256M).   To get more memory, I was upgrading the 2*128M portion pc600 rdram to a pc800 45ns ram 2*512 Infineon set to work alongside my existing 2*256M ram.

I have the latest xp2 Bios from Dell, the latest one offered.

I have no boot up occuring now. As soon as I hit the power, the lcd lights on the back indicate the memory is not recognized - even the OLD memory is no longer recognized.   I never get to the video display portion of the boot which remains black (terminal works fine...I'm using it on a KVM switch).

What in the world is going on here?   Did I dammage all my ram during the upgrade?  Did I blow the motherboard somehow?  



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Mohammed HamadaConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
Did you test one of the ram sticks on another mobo?
I'm assuming you mean a dell dimension 8100, if not please correct me.
memory slot 1 is closest to the processor, memory slot 4 is closest to the edge of the motherboard.
Make sure slot 1 and slot 3 have identical modules and that slot 2 and slot 4 have identical modules.  Since this system uses rambus memory, all the slots must have a chip in them for post.
good luck
just reviewed the documentation further and it looks like I'm wrong about that...
slots 1 and 2 must have identical modules and slots 3 and 4 must have identical modules.
sorry for the confusion
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Is your laptgop under warrenty?
as far as we know, this is not a laptop =)
oraclemindedAuthor Commented:
Hello everyone....thanks for the feedback.   This is a desktop just to clarify and the ram has been installed in pairs.   Moh10ly's suggestion is a good one and I'm having the ram tested on another motherboard.  In addition, I was lucky enough to find  an 8100 motherboard on   I guess it's wait and see for tomorrow.

Once again, thanks for the suggestions.  I'm going to leave the question open for another week or so by which time, I'll hopefully know whats going on.   Has anyone ever experienced a situation like this when installing Ram?

Thanks again,


Jonas Rosenthal
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I'm not sure daleoran, maybe he just forgot about it and need someone to remind him... i guess he got an e-mail now so maybe he'll be back to it.

Anyways another guessing i thought of that the ram slots maybe is not working no more.
oraclemindedAuthor Commented:
Ok everyone....replaced the motherboard and all is well.   New and old ram working together fine.   Testing the ram out as working on another system comfirmed that I should replace the motherboard.

Thanks Moh10ly,

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