Prevent other Domain users from logging in to my WinXP Pro Computer

I have a WIndows XP Proffesional Computer which is connected to a DOMAIN for my company. I want to prevent other users from the domain to log in to my PC excerpt myself. I do understand you could do it from the local machine but I can't figure a way to block other users on my DOMAIN to log in to my machine.

Thank you
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luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Change the logon locally policy on your computer

Start- run- type:    gpedit.msc

Then navigate to:

comptuer config- windows settings- security settings- local policies- user rights assignment-

Log on Locally

Remove the domain users and authenticated users group and ADD your domain account here.

NOTE:  If this setting is set via group policy on the server then you won't be able to change it locally
Your network admin will do that for you. If he won't, then it's against your company's policy to prevent other people from logging on to other machines, and it consequently would be against EE's policy to help you circumvent it.
ryanongAuthor Commented:
Thanks company is a small company with around ten computers on our network. We have actually hired some outside contractor to actually set it up for us...we paid them and they've left. Now I am in the accounts section ...but since I have a fair knowledge about boss decide to let me take charge of the network...Iam still learning new things about computers while looking after the network...Im not that type of computer Guru but an average IT it is my task to prevent people to log in to my computer because of the many confidential accounts documents I keep in there...

So please do help to assist me on how to prevent other domain users from logging in to my machine....

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Now, preventing access to confidential files is something completely else. That can/should be done with NTFS permissions.
You should have a home drive on a server that's backed up on a regular basis. Permissions to that drive should be set in such a way that only your account (and the account used for backup!) have access. In that case, it doesn't matter who will logon to "your" computer--he won't be able to access your files.
The same is of course valid if you store files locally; you can set permissions so that only your account can access these files. By default, the "My Documents" folder should already be protected. Storing documents locally involves that you'll have to manually backup your files. In addition, locally stored documents aren't really secure if other people have been assigned local administrative permissions on the machine.
I agree with oBda as far as preventing access to secure files.  Even if someone can log onto your computer, if you have properly setup permissions, then they won't be able to access critical files.  The idea of storing those files on the sever is one that I also agree with.  
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Don't forget the firewall, turn on the xp firewall to prevent them from accessing your harddrive, the logon locally will also prevent them from trying to use remotedesktop, but so will the firewall ;) By default the firewall will block all incoming packets with no exceptions, all out going packets/sessions are allowed.
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