Migrating a RAID 0 array


Just wondering what happens to a RAID 0 array when you (a) move the drives to a new computer, or (b) replace the motherboard (and it's onboard RAID controller) with another one.  

Will the new RAID controller be aware that the drives are in an array?  Can you tell it that the drives are already in an array?  When I setup my drives in the RAID setup I only remember settings for creating and removing arrays.

I want to make sure that if I ever upgrade my computer or motherboard that I won't lose all my data!  And is this affected by the brand of motherboard/controller (eg. moving from Gigabyte mobo to an ASUS)?

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In general, when dealing with motherboard RAID arrays, you need to get the same RAID chipset if you are moving the RAID array.  Certain PCI RAID controllers and SCSI controllers are more flexible, but in your case you need the same motherboard.  The alternative is to back up the array to an image using Ghost 9 or Acronis True Image on a non-RAID disk and restore to the new array, once you create it.
simoneastAuthor Commented:
OK thanks, that's really helpful.

So to clarify, if I buy a new motherboard with the same RAID chipset, I should be able to plug in the drives and have the array detected automatically?

Backing up is another option, thanks, but for 240gb it wouldn't be trivial.

The same chipset should be sufficient, but if this is crucial data, there's no such thing as too much backup.  All seasoned technical people know that what should work and what actually does, due to unforseen circumstances, may not be the same, and it's always good to have plan B.
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