For Expert SnowFlake and his pointer to this.constructor.arguments

This are reward points for Expert SnowFlake's explanation about JavaScript object oriented aspects and especially for the obvious pointer to the this.constructor.arguments parameter list.

The thread in question is here: http:Q_21405372.html#13905756

Fellow experts, I see a new star rising! ;-)
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ZvonkoSystems architectAsked:
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SnowFlakeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks zvonko,
I thought that this kind of rewards was not allowed, was it ?
ZvonkoSystems architectAuthor Commented:
I think it is allowed.
The problem is that it is sometimes difficult for the others to see the value for the reward, and then it is called "points passing" crosswise or in a network, and the only purpose of those actions is to exchange points and push participating "experts" up the ranking.
But in this our case I have no doubts that everyone willing to see can see that you and I need no such unprofessional tricks.

And even when someone wants to invent new rules, even then, everyone will see trough this points that you are an Expert and learn from you such exciting little things like I did learn :-)

Enjoy your points! ;-)

Those point just got me my master level certification certificataion,
I am honored to have recieved them from you :)

(some what like being knighted by the king)
I never saw a thing except a new certified expert for Javascript; and if Zvonko says your are an expert then you ARE an expert. :^)

ZvonkoSystems architectAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cd.
Do you remember somebody asked: "6. What should "top-expert" designation mean?" ;-)
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