Software dissapears

I am trying to install new software ON XP machines residing on 2000 A.D  The software installs itself without any problems - including shortcuts,  but when restarting the pc the software dissapers. Copying the shortcut to c:\documents and settings \all user\desktop didnt help. I persumed its a group policy issue, and actually I did changed some hives on the group policy a short time before the problem  but I failed to find any key answering that probelm.

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EricIT ManagerCommented:
I have not used mandatory profiles in a long time.... from what I remember it discards any changes to the desktop/start menu when you log off. hence "mandatory"

hmmm...  if you were to manually copy the shortcut into there folders (assuming they on a network share) when they were not logged on would it stay?

The app is probably installed, its just not allowing the shortcut to be saved.
EricIT ManagerCommented:
Hi yovaly,
they using mandatory profiles or something that is not allowing changes to the desktop and or startmenu?

Good luck!
yovalyAuthor Commented:
Yes , but  I did manage to install softwre including shortcuts on the past.
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