What about linux Sorcerer

I'd quite amazed by Linux Sorcerer.
I'd like to try it out. Unfortunally documentation is low.

There's any user among you experts that can either encorage or discourage me by the wisdom of his experience??

And btw in the official site i can't find a proper iso for my workstation. Should be a simple x86, and i see just ia32 and x86_64.
What i would supposed to use. I have to install it for a Pentim II 350 and for a Athlon xp 2200+, if this information can be of help.

Comment appreciated
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ia32 ==> 32bit X86 CPUs and compatibles
x86_64 ==> 64bit X86

so you can select ia32 for  Pentim II 350 and for Athlon xp 2200+
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