Running out of space on HD- what can I delete?

On my Windows 2000 server, I am running out of space on C:\. The revious IT guy followed Microsoft minimum recommendation of installing the OS on a 4Gb partition, and 5 years later- it is running out of space. I have a question- under C:\WINNT\ , can I delete the $NTUninstallKB**** folders?? I could free up 1.4 Gb if this is an option. What do you guys recommend??
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miroofi75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
My Dear do following things:

1) Check softwares you installed on your c drive uninstall them from c: and install into other drive where you have good space.

2) Check for temporary and unwanted files.

3) Move personal data files into other partition.

4) add a partition of your drive as a folder into c: drive

I hope this will helps you.

Best regards,

sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Trihimbulus,

Those NTuninstall folders are there so that you can UNINSTALL the hotfixes or updates that you might have done for your windows. If you remove those folders, you will have issues installing that particular hotfix or updates  -- some info

I would also recommend treesize software which would also tell you which application or program is consuming your hard disk space..

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