NTFRS Replication Error

On my single Win2000 Domain controller, I was getting a JRNL_WRAP_ERROR and I now find stupidly followed the instructions given in the error and created a "Enable Journal Automatic Restore" registry entry and set it to "1".  At this point the Domain controller disbled the SYSVOL share and dispite hours of waiting, never re-enabled it so I have no Domain Controller.
Further reading has hinted that I should not have performed this step.
This machine was setup by my predecessor to also be our Exchange 2000 server and backup.
How do I re-enable FRS and get Exchange back up?
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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have you reverse the damage and delete that registry key or make that registry key to 0 ?
misterqedAuthor Commented:
I have set the registry key back to 0, but now I have an Error 13556 that the data in the system volume is being scanned and the server cannot become a domain controller until the job is done, when the job is done, the SYSVOL share will be recreated.  The job has run for the weekend with no conclusion.
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misterqedAuthor Commented:
Help, no Domain Controller, so no Exchange Server, so no mail.
misterqedAuthor Commented:
Found my own solution
Do I get the points?
you can ask for a refund of point, or someone to close the thread, no points given or taken out.

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