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Print DBGrid

Hi guys,

I'm trying to print a DBGrid using C++ Builder 6.

I've thought about moving the data from a DBGrid to a Memo box, and then printing that, but I can't get the data from the DBGrid successfully (can get number of Columns + Rows using dsStock->DataSet->RecordCount and dsStock->DataSet->FieldCount, but cannot access the specific cell data)

Any ideas? The simplier the better please :)

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1 Solution
I don't know C++ Builder, DBGrid and Borland Memo box, but I would assume that you have to extract the grid value of each cell and put it to a formatted text string:

#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

string gridToMemo(DBGrid* dsStock)
   ostringstream osmemo;
   for (int r = 0; r < dsStock->DataSet->RecordCount; ++r)
        for (int c = 0; c <  dsStock->DataSet->FieldCount; ++c)
              string cell = dsStock->DataSet->GetValue(r, c);   // Don't know the name of
                                                                                     // the member function to extract
                                                                                     // a string value from data cell
              int width = dsStock->DataSet->GetColWidth(c); // Don't know the name of
                                                                                    // the function to get the maximum
                                                                                    // width of a column
              osmemo << setw(width+1) << cell;
        osmemo << endl;

    return osmemo.str();

Regards, Alex
adamcableAuthor Commented:

Thanks for this.

Unfortunately your comments are part of my problem too - I don't know how to extract cell data from the DBGrid.

Any ideas would be gratefully received!

>>>> I don't know how to extract cell data

Check class definition of DBGrid for functions named 'GetData', 'GetValue', 'GetCellData', 'value' or post the class definition here. I am absolutely sure there is a function.

Regards, Alex

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adamcableAuthor Commented:
I think I'll need a helping hand here ;)

The best I can find is a GetFieldData, but that only returns a bool.

How do I get the class definition?

>>>> GetFieldData

doesn't sound bad. The bool return is ok as the function could return the value via argument (reference or pointer type). I would assume there are various GetFieldData functions for the different type, maybe defined similar to

   bool GetFieldData( int row, int c, char* buf, int bufSiz);

Please post the prototypes of the function(s). You could find them in the class definition which should be found in a header file named 'dbgrid.h' or similar. It should be in an subdirectory 'include' or 'inc' of the installation path of C++ Builder. You could make a grep on *.h and "GetFieldData" to locate the header.

Regards, Alex
adamcableAuthor Commented:
In dbtables.hpp, I found the following declarations:

      __fastcall virtual TBDEDataSet(Classes::TComponent* AOwner);
      __fastcall virtual ~TBDEDataSet(void);
      void __fastcall ApplyUpdates(void);
      virtual bool __fastcall BookmarkValid(void * Bookmark);
      virtual void __fastcall Cancel(void);
      void __fastcall CancelUpdates(void);
      __property bool CacheBlobs = {read=FCacheBlobs, write=FCacheBlobs, default=1};
      virtual int __fastcall CompareBookmarks(void * Bookmark1, void * Bookmark2);
      void __fastcall CommitUpdates(void);
      Word __stdcall ConstraintCallBack(Bde::DsInfoReq Req, Bde::DataSources &ADataSources);
      bool __fastcall ConstraintsDisabled(void);
      virtual Classes::TStream* __fastcall CreateBlobStream(Db::TField* Field, Db::TBlobStreamMode Mode);
      void __fastcall DisableConstraints(void);
      void __fastcall EnableConstraints(void);
      void __fastcall FetchAll(void);
      void __fastcall FlushBuffers(void);
      virtual bool __fastcall GetCurrentRecord(char * Buffer);
      virtual int __fastcall GetBlobFieldData(int FieldNo, Db::TBlobByteData &Buffer);
      virtual bool __fastcall GetFieldData(Db::TField* Field, void * Buffer)/* overload */;
      virtual bool __fastcall GetFieldData(int FieldNo, void * Buffer)/* overload */;
      void __fastcall GetIndexInfo(void);
      virtual bool __fastcall Locate(const AnsiString KeyFields, const Variant &KeyValues, Db::TLocateOptions Options);
      virtual Variant __fastcall Lookup(const AnsiString KeyFields, const Variant &KeyValues, const AnsiString ResultFields);
      virtual bool __fastcall IsSequenced(void);
      virtual void __fastcall Post(void);
      void __fastcall RevertRecord(void);
      virtual Db::TUpdateStatus __fastcall UpdateStatus(void);
      virtual int __fastcall Translate(char * Src, char * Dest, bool ToOem);
      __property bool ExpIndex = {read=FExpIndex, nodefault};
      __property Bde::hDBICur Handle = {read=FHandle};
      __property Word KeySize = {read=FKeySize, nodefault};
      __property void * Locale = {read=FLocale};
      __property TDataSetUpdateObject* UpdateObject = {read=FUpdateObject, write=SetUpdateObject};
      __property bool UpdatesPending = {read=GetUpdatesPending, nodefault};
      __property Db::TUpdateRecordTypes UpdateRecordTypes = {read=GetUpdateRecordSet, write=SetUpdateRecordSet, nodefault};
>>>> __fastcall virtual TBDEDataSet(Classes::TComponent* AOwner);

What is the classname of the class above?

I would assume it isn't DBGrid but TBDEDataSet cause that looks like a constructor (though 'virtual' constructors are invalid in C++).

We need the class definition of DBGrid. Could you make a grep for DBGrid?

>>>> virtual bool __fastcall GetFieldData(Db::TField* Field, void * Buffer)/* overload */;

That function gives the value of a record currently fetched from database. So, actually it doesn't help us as the data are already fetched and stored into a grid.

Regards, Alex

adamcableAuthor Commented:
Got it working :)

TDataSet* pDS = dbGridStock->DataSource->DataSet;

//Select first item in list

//Loop round rows
for (int i=0; i< dsStock->DataSet->RecordCount; i++) {

//Loop round columns and get data
for (int j = 0; j < pDS->FieldCount; j++)

 s = s + pDS->Fields->Fields[j]->AsString;
 s = s+", ";

//Select the next item in the list

Regards, Alex

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