MS Sidewinder Strategic commander Drivers

Hi , does anyone have the drivers for a Sidewinder Strategic commander controller? i have plugged the device into my pc and windows has no problems detecting and installing it, but when i go to game controllers on control panel, it is not there...

I know the controller is fairly old now so could there be a compatibility issue with usb2?

I am using Windows XP professional with SP2.

iI have already tried the microsoft site but it appears that the item has now been discontinued.

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they have the drivers here

you can log in without a user id by using this

id:        drivers
pass:    all


talsk about it a bit...seems it install itself under the keyboard tree

gremlin1Author Commented:

it's now working perfectly,

gremlin1Author Commented:
Just for future reference, you do need to download 2 files to make it work probably due to download restrictions on the site..

Thanks once again.
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