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I have several client machines (HP NC6120 Laptops) running Windows XP SP2 and  Office 2003 SP1.  The email profile connects with an Exchange 2000 server.  Several users are seeing Outlook spike CPU usage to 100% when working with email.  This spike can last from a few seconds to several minutes and some times requires that you perform an end task on Outlook.  The users do not have administrative rights to the local machine and I have found that Outlook is much more stable when running Windows normally but Outlook in safe mode. Any ideas?
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Look at this!
One more question, was anything installed on these machines recently? Are you using Plaxo?
Let me know if this helps!
Check to see if the XP firewall, or whatever firewall you may use, is blocking Outlook in any way. Outlook 2003 does not keep a constant connection to the Exchange server - perhaps it's the continual server requests that are being blocked on the way out/in .
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