XP on DELL, Display driver corrupt?

I have XP Pro, SP2, running on a Dell 2.4Ghz P4, Bios version A03, according to device manager the display is a Radeon 7500. I believe it's an AGP card. I have had the machine for about 4 years.

Yesterday I walked away for an hour, when I came back the display had spontaneously reverted back to low res 16 colors, but everything coninuted to work, there were no error messages, and all my software and Windows functions seemed to work ok. So I told the machine to restart.

Upon restart, I got the BSOD, with a message about "ATI2DVAG" being in an infinite loop. The machine would not reboot, witht his same BSOD and same driver message reappearing every time I tried to restart. So I went to safe mode with networking and it rebooted ok to safe mode. I went to device manager and ran the update driver option on the display driver. It told me the driver was successfully updated.

When I rebooted the machine seemed to come back ok, except for one thing........now the display behaves like it is running in slow motion. It redraws the screen in slow motion. When I scroll, it scrolls in slow motion and updates the screen in slow motion. Hit the back button on web sites and the pages change and redraw in slow motion.

This machine used to be like "As fast as I can click or type, that's how fast everything responds." Now I have to wait for everything. I have tried everything except replacing the card.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this slow motion display problem?? Thanks! - VITIX
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I would say try checking your driver and re-installing one more time and see if it helps...if there is an updated driver use that but it sounds like your video card is about to die so try swapping it out or buy a new one.
sometimes hardware fails, it is time to deal with it and buy a new card...

Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Did this only start on the installation of SP 2 ? Also I would highly suggest you go to ATI's website and get the latest drivers for your graphics card from there site, since they are who made your graphics card they would know best :)

Get the latest and most relevant version of direct x that is most suitable for your graphics card I would say version 8 or 9 :)
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