VPN - OpenSwan - Need to have multiple road warriors

Ok, I am using Smothwall Express 2.0 (fix1-6 with the Super Kernel and VPN IPSec 3.1.1 mod.) Everything is working great as far a my site-to sites, and my road warrior works like a charm as well. The only problem I have is that I am only allowed one Road Warrior at a time. I have been chatting in the SMothwall message forums and I have learned that there IS a way to allow for multiple Road Wariors, using x.509 certificates and some command line stuff.

I will forever be in debt if someone can run me through how to set this up. *** In my domain here at work, we DO have an internal CA.

Please go gentle on me- definitley going to need some step-by-step here lol. I will reward graciously for all help!
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Either download a version with x.509 enabled or build one yourself.  There may be an updated smoothwall package.
it should work out of the box if you have a x.509-enabled openswan
TrihimbulusAuthor Commented:
I haven't enabled anything- don't know how.
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