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Backup solution advice

I have 6 offices, 5 of which are remote branch offices that have about 1GB of data that needs to be backup each night. The 6th office Corporate, has Great Plains/SQL 2000 db with about 20GB of data to be backed up.

Presently we have a script running on each of the branch office servers that compresses the data and then sends it over our VPN to a folder on our GP server. I then run ARCserve 6.? to backup all the data to a tape drive.

The tape drive is about 6 years old and in need of replacement. It has problems reading the older tapes that were used on it over a year ago and sometimes just last week.

I am interested in creating a new solution that will be able to backup the remote branches and corporate, but have not decided whether I want to have them backup to tape, CD, DVD or ? I am running a mixed network of W2003, W2k, NT4, with data on each that needs to be backed up. I am also interested in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning, so I want to take and store media off site.

Any suggestions with a $10,000 budget?
1 Solution
I would use a dual layer DVD burner, you can get 8-9GB per disk. Right now the disk are relatively expensive but will
drop in the future. It cannot get any simplier than that. ;}

CD or DVDs are out as they can't hold enough data.  Just your GP database is 20GB.  How much total data are you trying to backup? how much do you plan on having in say 5 years?  You need to get whichever hardware (tape drive/robot) can hold the amount of data that you plan to have in 5 years from now.  Since you already use ARCServe you may want to stick with it since you already know how to use it.  You are using arcserve 6 which is VERY old, the current version is called Brightstor 9 or 10 now i think.  In any case it will be able to backup the data at the remote locations as long as they are connected via the VPN.  1 GB isn't too much depending on the speed of your links to the remote offices.  Do you have a free server that you can connect the tape drive to?
I would get something like Symantec Live State Recovery Server and set it up to backup to a USB disk device locally (for image and DR recovery purposes).
Then set up a job to do an incremental back up to your main office (you can compress using LSR) and backup to tape there using whatever your favorite tape backup software is.

With LSR you can create a base image of the remote office servers save them to DVD or CD, and in case of a disaster, recover from them.

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