Wireless Signal problems/degradation

Okay... I have a system setup with D-Link Wireless Router and two computers wired to that router.  I have a laptop wireless connected to the router.  The distance between the wireless router and the laptop is about 40 feet with a concrete wall separating them.  Also, between the laptop and the router I have a D-Link Range Expander.  I am not using WEP.  I am using MAC filtering.  The Dell laptop has a built-in wireless card and is the only hardware component that doesn't match the other D-Link hardware.  I cannot get a consistent high quality wireless signal to the laptop.  It is strong than weak.  Sometimes the signal is so week it seems as if I am using dial-up on the Internet.  Any suggestions?
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jpfxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A signal that is strong and then weak would discount the wall as being the cause of 'interference'.
You might have some other apparatus in the vicinity broadcasting on the same frequency so I'd try changing channels. Maybe there's a hands-free phone nearby? I would certainly consider external sources of interference as being a prime suspect for your problems.
My experience with d-link wireless routers has been very poor. I have a D 524 which only works if no encryption is used. Range is good through 3 walls and at about 60 ft range, the signal is good enough. With encryption on, it won't connect at a couple of feet (not a key error either).
Where did you put the range expander? Is it on the laptop side of the wall or in the other side? Wireless range normally is only good if the two points are in line of sight. A wall immensly decreases the signal. If you have direct line of sight the range can be anywhere between 300 and 800 m. A wall with iron inside usually completely cuts off the signal, even if the distance is only 5 m! You might be able to improve the signal by testing different locations for the expander.
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