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WLAN Connectivity issues

Hi, we are running a WLAN system using the following:

PC's on XP Pro
Cisco 1231 AP's
Cisco cards 350
?? Contivity client

occassionally the PC will de-authenticate from the router, while the PC is stationary and within 10 feet of the router.
Basically, we do not know where to begin to solve his problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
2 Solutions
What does it have to do with the Contivity client?
Is there any overlapp with other APs in this area? You should make sure that all APs bordering this area
use the non-overlapping channels 1,6,11. This will eliminate interferrence from othe APs, if this is the cause.

Does this happen with ONE pc or all of them?
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How many pc's do you have conected to your access point?  You said "the PC will de-authenticate from the router" do you mean that it is not connected to the access point or that you cannot access the internet.  It's possible to be connected to the AP but not the internet, if the AP is not setup correctly if may not be connected to your router.  Also are using WEP and if so is it 64bit, 128bit?  Basically I would start by turning off any security settings (only for testing purposes then of course you want to turn WEP back on again).  Turn off WEP and leave your AP wide open.  Next change the SSID ID on all your access points to something uncommon like jtre3344, that way you know that you are not getting any interference.  I usually use xps built in wifi client and just load the wifi card driver from the cd.  Then you have to make sure that you set your SSID to be your preferred network otherwise your wifi card will try to attach to any AP that it sees.  I've seen problems where you connect to your SSID but accidentally set several APs in the preferred network and it kept bouncing back and forth between APs.  I've never used ciscos client software but I'm sure that it has an option to set your preferred network.  After all of this if you find that it is working again be sure to turn WEP back on again.  You can also use netstumbler to check you signal strength and see how many APs are in your area.  You may find that it's something simple like you are using the default SSID and so is someone else in your area.  You could also change your channel like harbor235 mentioned above.  I hope this helps, if you do need more help please reply with more info.
de-authenticate, or de-associate?

I think that your configuration is wrong. The WEP option i think enabled in AP and it is not configured in clients.

Give me your current network setup and WLL setting so i will figure out where you are making mistake or give you better idea.

Make thresh hold 840 to increase the range of your AP.


RockyFullenAuthor Commented:
Hi, Sorry I have not responded in some time.
We changed the overlapping channels, which seemed to have resolved the problem. At least for now

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