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Ok here is a wierd one (maybe) I need to assign permissions to a folder that would allow a group to write to a folder but NOT view, list or modify the SAME folder they can write to! Any thoughts?
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BrianIT ManagerCommented:
If you have SP1 on Server 2003 you should check into Access Based Enumeration.  Here is a link for you to check out some additional info on it.  I haven't played to much with it but it may do the trick for you.

You should be able to give users just the write permission but it makes it hard for them to access the folder.  You will have to make sure they know the path so that they can save their docs....

I take that back, it doesn't seem to work right....but in theory it works in unix....but windows has foiled me again...
mikeeubankAuthor Commented:
LOL Hence me asking here, it SHOULD be very easy but so far no dice...I can do this easily for an individual user account however not for a group....
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