Getting a Win XP computer with AOL dialup to connect to my DSL router


My client has AOL dialup on a Win XP laptop. He's never used DSL. I took his computer home where I have a Linksys wireless router and Earthlink DSL.

I plugged in a network cable from the laptop to the router. (not trying to go wireless).

I changed the AOL so it is no longer the default connection.

When I go to "Show all connections" and click on a connection under "Lan or High-Speed Internet,"  it says the speed is
100.0 Mbps and says the laptop is connected and gives the amount of time it's been connected.

I can't get to a website. I get Error 404s.

What am I doing wrongt? Are there settings I have to change?


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savoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do an IP release/renew to make sure you have a correct IP address.


That will take you to a DOS prompt or command line.  Type:

ipconfig /release

then when that returns you to a prompt type:

ipconfig /renew

If that does not work your router may not be set up for DHCP or the laptop might not be.

Check that the laptop is setup for DHCP.

Start>Control Panel>Network Connections>Local Are Connection

Find Internet Protocol TCP/IP and right click it and go to properties.

Make sure it is set to Obtain IP Address Automatically.

Give that a shot and see if it helps.  

To make sure you have the correct IP settings you can go back to a prompt:

and type:
ipconfig /all make sure your gateway is the IP address of your router and also make sure you have some DNS servers listed.


To rule out a DNS issue you can try to ping or some other major site.


type ping

if it replies then you should be fine

if not try to ping the IP address, from a prompt type:


if it replies and did not it is a DNS issue.  Check your DNS settings as stated above.
First, make sure the Gateway address is correct on the system.  Then, DNS...  You can also ck by opening a browser window and typing the IP Address instead of the URL...  For instance, is the Google Main Search page... so try that on the Address line and see if it brings back the Google Search page.  If it does, then you have a DNS issue here..

Additional IE Troubleshooting tips:

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