Forward email from OWA and keep original sender information

With Exchange 2003 and OWA, an end user can now set up an auto forward to an email address outside of the domain (and not in the address book).  This is a great feature for us, but the problem is the forwarded message does not have the original sender information when it arrives at the forward email inbox.

For example, sends an email to  Pat has created an auto-forward from OWA to go to  The email is forwarded to, but the sender is seen as, not the original sender.  Opening the email shows the original sender, but it does make it tough to scan your inbox for emails from specific people.  

I know this could be acomplished by using alternate recipeints in AD, but I would like the end user to be able to take care of these changes on their own.  We are a small school and will have 150 students with this setup.  I'm hoping that they can forward their school mail to an account of their choice.

Thanks for any ideas

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flyguybobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, not that I have been able to tell.  I have had to do a few of these helpdesk tickets for OWA-only users.
Instead of using forward try using redirect...
Note:  Redirect is an option that the user has in their rules wizard...
lenkneAuthor Commented:
Redirect does the trick, except I only find it through Outlook client.  Is there a way to get this function from OWA?

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