Substitute/Workaround way to get files securely: port 22 is going to be closed.

We go out over "secure" FTP to get an important, confidential file regularly over port 22.  Our network providers have informed us that they will permanently and unequivocally block port 22 in coming weeks.  

Size and sensitivity make email delivery of these files impractical.

I need some brainstorming.  Can we ask the people who make the file for us to:

1) Listen for secure FTP on port 21?  Assuming they don't have any regular ftp being used, would this be a practical solution?
2) Is there an easy, automated way to promulgate files to a secure web directory, then I run a wget process to pick them up regularly?

Looking for brainstorming on how I can replace this secure FTP process and still get files securely, with as little impact on the people who make the file as possible.

Please let me know if I am making my question clear, and thank you very much for your guidance! :)


EDIT: our network is very locked down and a very limited number of protocols is allowed IN OR OUT!
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You can have SSHD listen on whatever port that you specify.  It just needs to be set in the sshd_config file, if we're talking unix.
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