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I am beginning the process of installing my first linux server.  This server will eventualy serve many purposes including FTP, Web, Domain Controller, Print Server, File Server, etc.  I will most likely be using Suse, but that is not for certain.  The system configuration is as follows:

1 - 60 GB Hard Drive for system files
2 - 200 GB Hard Drives for file storage (configured in RAID1-mirrored)
1 - 200 GB Hard Drive for Backup Files

I need to know how to take backups of any set of files from any drive and back it up to the 200 GB Backup Hard Drive.  I want to be able to do a full backup, incremental, or differential backup.  I want it to be automated for any time period that I specify, probably daily.  I also want to be able to manually run a backup process at any time deemed necessary.

In addition to the listed requirements, ease of use is at the top of the list.  This is my first time dealing with server backups and also dealing with linux.  All answers should be in complete detail with examples and user friendly.  Also, if you have any recommendations on which distribution of linux to use, those would be greatly appreciated.  From what I have seen, Suse seems to be the most user friendly for a new linux user, but any input would be appreciated.

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sekargopiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

try using amanda backup. it has nice gui interface, it also has incremental backup facility.

best of all it has freeware license for single node backup.

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