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Hello Professionals:

I was wondering if anyone of you in here have some sort of questionnaire that i can adapt to, before I can go see my clients. They are looking for someone to setup their small network and i thought someone would have some sort of guide as to what exactly to ask them.

Please help.
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mikeleebrlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there really can't be a questionnaire since there are 1000s of options for any IT solution.  There are only a few questions that remain constant:

1. what is your budget?
2.  what are you trying to accomplish?
3.  when is this projects start/end times?
Remember this saying, and tell it to your clients:  You can have it Cheap, Good, or Fast.  Pick TWO.

Agree with Mike.  There's so many variables.  You need to have a good understanding of the BUSINESS process and what the BUSINESS goals are.  There is NO POINT in throwing technology at a problem if it does not meed the NEEDS OF THE BUSINESS.  Yes, there's some very cool things we can do with networks and computers - but business people don't care if it does not meet their needs.  As soon as you do, that's all they need - no more than that.

So, understand their business.  Then understand their problem.  Then make recommendations on how you can help them overcome their problems to enhance their business.  Then you have their business. :)
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