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I am working on installing my first linux web server.  I am in need of an ASP server that will run on linux.  Freeware is the only acceptable option under my circumstances.  I am also new to linux, so I would also appreciate any detailed instructions on how to install the server or any links that you could provide.  Any comments about which distribution of linux to use would also be appreciated.

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marxyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

mod_mono is a part of Mono project

To download distribution of the Mono (for Linux, Windows, Mac) you should go

The Latest Stable Version is Mono 1.0.6
The Latest Development Version is Mono 1.1.6

I suppose that you need 1.0.6 'cause this is a _stable_ version and it will contain the
features implementing the .NET 1.1 API.

So, the best way to start is to go Mono :-)

Some Mono FAQ quotes.

Question 80: Are there any plan to develop an aspx server for Mono?.
The XSP reference server is available and you can also use mod_mono with Apache.

Question 90: Does Mono support ASP.NET?
Mono supports ASP.NET, we have shown an unmodified IBuySpy installation running on Mono as well as various other programs. You can try it yourself downloading the XSP server.

Question 91: Do I need install cygwin to work on ASP.NET in mono or Linux is enough since it is self host right now?
Linux is enough.

Question 93: Any plan to make ASP.NET in mono works with Apache in Linux?.
Daniel has authored an Apache2 Module for Mono that hosts the ASP.NET runtime and is available here:

So, good luck!
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Checkout the following site:

I think that could be just about what you are looking for.
AmericanLandAuthor Commented:
The 2nd answer was more detailed and was a more useful answer to the question.
Thanks anyway.
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