need software to download website

i need software to download website
but this website only for member
and its not password protect but forum ... like vbulletin
mean it work by cookies & java
very important the software can handle cookies & java
plz help
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paraghsConnect With a Mentor Dy General ManagerCommented:
Try Offline Explorer Pro :

I am using it, and if you can give me the link to the page you want to download, I can verify if it will work for you.
you should be able to download it with Internet Explorer..

what do you have?

your browser.......internet explorer or whatever can be set to accept cookies.

you may need java run time
here is a link to get it.......look at the 3rd one from the top

tell me the website and let me see if my system can download it.
Sohel RanaCommented:
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SwapnilSoftware ArchitectCommented:
above all software are paid following software is used for copying whole website. and also free to download.

HTTrack Website Copier

nancy81Author Commented:
i ask for program can handel cooki and forum password
can u teel me if any of the abov software can download , , etc
the member area not password protect but user & password forum
waiting for your Re ASAP
paraghsConnect With a Mentor Dy General ManagerCommented:
OK, nancy.

I tried OEPro, and it does download, including forun directory.
Further, under Project properties, you can specify if some username and password is to be used on the target website.
I think you should give Offline Explorer Pro a try :)
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented: too works on OEPro, so does
Whether it does download all the stuff you need will have to be checked by using the program yourself.
nancy81Author Commented:
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Sorry nancy,

I don't have login for either of the sites, so I could not test OE Pro.
As OEPro is trialware, I again recommend you download it and try for yourself.
nancy81Author Commented:
Recording Web form contents and downloading submission results.
  There are various Web forms used on the Internet. Some of them help you to search Web sites, some are for logon protected site areas and others perform navigation or answer questions.
Offline Explorer Pro and Enterprise editions can record any Web form parameters and save them as a Project.

Browse to the page with the desired Web form in Offline Explorer Enterprise internal browser, fill in the form fields, then press and hold down Alt + Ctrl keys on your keyboard, click the Submit button in the Web form and release the keyboard buttons. You will see a new Project that contains the Web form information recorded in the URL field.

many thanx :D
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Glad to help, nancy :)

Actually, I am using old version 1.4 of OEPro, and never needed to use it for downloading password protected sites, though I was aware that it can be used for the purpose.
In its recent version 3.7, they seem to have enchanced the capabilities very much.

Happy downloading.

BTW, how is Bochs working for you ?
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